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Indo Japan Horologicals (P) Ltd.

Jaya Bothra: Mrs. Bothra had an illustrious career as a Professor of Chemistry in a very renowned institution in Pune. Mrs. Bothra brings her dynamic personality, interpersonal skill and leadership to organization. Mrs. Bothra is the whole-time director of the company since the year 2001.

Mayur Bothra: Mayur is young and talented entrepreneur with a MBA degree in Marketing Management from UK. Blessed with organizational vision he directs the core-team of Indo Japan from Innovation to Finance and Professional Services to exploring winning strategies for building a competitive advantage across India. His passions continues to elevate Indo Japan to greater heights. His respect for human values forge employees into empowered, highly motivated team. This adds purpose to employees lives and is the cornerstone of the strategic architecture of Indo Japan as a truly successful organization.

Ankita Bothra: With her degree in Chartered Accountancy, Ankita brings a wealth of Financial and Accounting Knowledge to the company. She’s a dynamic individual with zest and desire. Her knowledge and deep understanding of her subjects helps driving the company in the right direction.

Business Advisor
P R Bothra: Having a long experience in administration of Industry & Trade, Mr Bothra is Indo Japan’s Honorary Advisor.

Engineering & Technical Team
Team of Engineers: Our Engineers hail from China and bring with them 15 years experience in LED Lights and are associated with Indo Japan for long term.

They are professionally trained by Companies like K&S and Veeco of USA, ASM, Oxford and Aixtron of Europe, and have deep knowledge about LED. They have been involved in setting up and running some of the well-known LED Chip manufacturing and LED Light Fitting manufacturing houses in China. They are very well versed in every aspect of LED Light manufacturing, be it Fabrication of Wafer, Encapsulation of Chips or LED Light Fitting Manufacturing. Some of the fixtures designed by them are very popular in the Lighting Industry

All of them have been involved in the LED industry since the inception of LED, and have seen various developments in the industry over the years. They will assist the manufacturing aspects involved in the entire project of LED Chips as well as LED Light Fittings and Fixtures. They are personally handling Indo Japan’s R&D Department and help innovate so that Indo Japan remain at the front runners in the Lighting Industry.